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How Does a Belief in Immortality Affect the Way We Live Now? John Martin Fischer

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How Does a Belief in Immortality Affect the Way We Live Now?
John Martin Fischer
Citation (APA): Fischer, J. M. (2014). How Does a Belief in Immortality Affect the Way We Live Now? [Kindle Android version]. Retrieved from

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ci si annoia a vivere x sempre? no: i progetti da realizzare sono infiniti sotto condizioni ottimistiche il concetto di al di là ci fa operare secondo giustizia rifornendoci della giusta deterrenza l imm.terrena ci spinge a preoccuparsi di + del pianeta desiderio infinito = pil infinito - l argomento della cornucopia - la materia è finita ma lo spirito è infinito
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How Does a Belief in Immortality Affect the Way We Live Now? By John Martin Fischer
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Let’s make the “rosy” assumptions that you are in good health, that your body is not deteriorating,
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Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 12
some have argued that life under such circumstances would be intolerably and relentlessly boring. The idea is that what keeps us from being bored are our “projects”, and eventually we would run out of projects
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Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 15
I don’t accept the conclusion that we would run out of projects
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 15
Just consider, for starters, all of the scientific problems that remain to be solved.
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Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 39
Assuming that we would still have projects—other-directed and/or self-directed—in a very long or infinitely long life, would we have any motivation to pursue the projects?
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Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 41
all our activities and projects would lack “urgency”.
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But I don’t have much sympathy for the contention that we would have no motivation in an immortal life. Consider, for example, the motivation to avoid pain—that
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what if we were to come to believe in immortality in an afterlife?
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Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 57
You need actually to care not just about yourself, but about others—you need to love others and to care about justice. If your actions manifest love of others and a dominant concern for justice, then you will be rewarded in the afterlife.
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Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 83
One might think, for example, that belief in an afterlife in heaven or hell (where these realms are not located in our Solar System, say) would have a negative impact on one's concern for environmental degradation.
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Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 92
So, are we supposed to imagine that some of us are immortal but most humans are not, so we can heroically try to help them live longer (and save the planet for them--if the planet dies, how do we immortals survive?)?
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 101
The doctrine of a metaphysical 'heaven' or 'hell' is, in any case, an escape from the planet earth and the space-time reality; the ultimate consequence of which belief is the utter disregard for the care of this planet.
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Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 109
It manifestly *does* matter what one's motivations are, if one is to be acting morally and deserve reward for this behavior.
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 116
belief CAN be detrimental. But I don't think it NEED be. Perhaps God will not reward with a position in Heaven those who despoil and exploit the environment. And presumably God will not reward those who are complacent or even active in the perpetuation of injustice.
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 123
Another way would imply that all are immortal.
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 124
Death is not the only health challenge! How about depression, pain syndromes, arthritis, paralysis, and, well, a panoply or miseries?
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 160
There IS no metaphysical "Heaven" in the Teaching of Jesus 'where' people go to be 'rewarded'.
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 163
Now, if you want to step *outside* of the Teaching of Jesus and adopt the metaphysical doctrines of Paul, fine
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 175
It is hard for me to think of actions that are really "good" or "evil", apart from their motivations.
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 233
Yes, I think that our projects would have to be reconfigured in an immortal life.
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 243
Marriage and Eternal Life
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 254
"hardening" of personality. I say that it is a fact about human beings that most people's personalities do not radically change once they reach a certain age.
Evidenzia (giallo) - Posizione 308
It might be that part of the "hardening" comes from the explicit or implicit recognition of finitude.
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