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INTRO Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Health System by William A. Haseltine

Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Health System by William A. Haseltine
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IntroductionRead more at location 146
Note: INTRO@@@@@@@@@@@@ La programmazione è essenziale. In Sanità la path dendence è forte, le abitudini si consolidano... Il problema USA sono le assicurazioni private? Non si direbbe visto che le ha anche la "miglior sanità al mondo" è finanziata dai privati... Tre sistemi sanitari: 1) mix di assicurazioni pubbliche e privatd USA) 2) statalismo (UK) 3) assicurazione pubblica con servizi con di accreditamento (Germania Italia)... La crisi demografica arriva e la lezione della Sanità di S. deve essere appresa quanto prima: funziona!… Dubbi: S. è un piccolo stato. S. è una dittatura. Quel che lì funziona altrove nn funzionerà... Edit
Affordable Excellence tells the story of the Singapore healthcare system, how it works, how it is financed,Read more at location 147
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Singapore spends less on healthcare than any other high-income country, both as measured by fraction of the Gross Domestic Product spent on health and by costs per person.Read more at location 149
In just 50 years, Singapore transformed itself from a low-income country to one that has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world,Read more at location 155
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One point that emerges clearly: decisions made early on affect the course of later history. Once begun, it is very difficult to revise health finance and delivery systems, as such decisions profoundly affect the lives of individuals and economies.Read more at location 157
To finance healthcare, should countries adopt a mixture of private and public insurance as does the United States, the state approach to healthcare finance and operations as in the United Kingdom, or the public–private partnerships of Germany and Japan?Read more at location 159
an entirely different approach be taken, that of Singapore, where emphasis is placed on individual responsibility supported by an enabling state?Read more at location 161
The world's most developed countries are facing a crisis of confidence in their healthcare systems. Costs are risingRead more at location 163
In the United States, healthcare accounts for almost 18 percent of the GDP and is rising. Most developed economies are facing twin demographic problems:Read more at location 165
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The Singapore system offers a guide to controlling costsRead more at location 168
Singapore is relatively unique amongst governments in its ability to plan for the future. In the past, the government has planned and successfully executed, over a 30-year period,Read more at location 169
Today, the emphasis is on planning for the coming demographic crisesRead more at location 171
In writing this volume, I have often been told that Singapore is unique and lessons learned are not applicable elsewhere.Read more at location 176
Others believe only a government with a long tenure in power (Singapore's ruling People's Action Party has been in power since independence in 1965)Read more at location 178
Some even go so far as to describe Singapore as a dictatorship—anRead more at location 179
such a healthcare system can only be imposed by a controlling government.Read more at location 180
My answer to these challenges is that I am a scientist trained to look at what works.Read more at location 180
True, the continuity and long-term perspective that come from political stability may make it easierRead more at location 183