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2 How Healthcare Is Different -------- Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis (Independent Studies in Political Economy) by John C. Goodman

2   How Healthcare Is DifferentRead more at location 345
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COMPLEX SYSTEMS, by definition, are systems that are too complex for any single individualRead more at location 347
if we don't know anything about nuclear power plants, most of us wouldn't walk into one and start pushing buttons.Read more at location 350
The late Nobel laureate economist, Friedrich Hayek, called the hubris of people who want to tinker with systems they do not understand the “fatal conceit.”Read more at location 353
suppose you are choosing to live in one of two cities, and City A spends twice as much on medical care per citizen as City B. City A has more doctors, more medical equipment, more hospital beds; and doctors in that city do more things. Would your life expectancy be longer if you choose to live in City A rather than City B? Probably not.Read more at location 695
large variations in healthcare spending apparently have little, if any impact on overall population mortality. George Mason University economist Robin Hanson summarizes the literature this way:31 [H]ealth policy experts know that we see at best only weak aggregate relations between health and medicine, in contrast to apparently strong aggregate relations between health and many other factors, such as exercise, diet, sleep, smoking, pollution, climate, and social status…. For example, [one study] found large and significant lifespan effects: a three year loss for smoking, a six year gain for rural living, a ten year loss for being underweight, and about fifteen year losses each for low income and low physical activityRead more at location 698
Who Spends Most of the Healthcare Dollars?Read more at location 707
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