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CAPITOLO 2 -------- Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Health System by William A. Haseltine

CHAPTER 2   High Quality, Low CostRead more at location 472
Note: Indici di qualità: aspettativa di vita mortalità infantile mortalità primi 5 anni sopravvivenza cancro malattie vascolari... Livelli di soddisfazione alti... Costi. 4% PIL spesa complessiva 1% spesa governativa. Costo medio x abitante 2000 dollari. L' 8 della spesa governativa va in sanità... S. ha dei vantaggi oggettivi: pochi immigrati poca campagna...Edit
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By most common measures, the nation has achieved noteworthy outcomes in all areas of healthcare. It has increased the life expectancy of its citizens; increased infant survival rates, and achieved one of the lowest under-five mortality rates in the world. Singapore's cancer survival rates are similar to Europe's, while its cardiovascular disease death rate is half that of the rest of the Asia Pacific region.Read more at location 477
A quick look at cost comparisons with other nations brings the point home.Read more at location 482
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The United States, for example, spends almost 18 percent of GDP on healthcare. Singapore, on the other hand, spends slightly under four percent of GDP. The government's expenditure for healthcare has been slightly under one percent, far less than other most developed countries.Read more at location 483
Life ExpectancyRead more at location 490
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Newborn and Infant MortalityRead more at location 500
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Under-Five Mortality RateRead more at location 513
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DiabetesRead more at location 566
Quality of CareRead more at location 570
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Not only does Singapore perform well in terms of achieving world-class outcomes, the quality of care as experienced by consumers is also one of the system's highest accomplishments. The Ministry of Health regularly conducts “Patient Satisfaction Surveys”Read more at location 570
Singapore's Healthcare ExpenditureRead more at location 583
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less per capita than any other high-income economy.Read more at location 586
the cost of an angioplasty in the United States is almost 83,000, while in Singapore the cost is about 13,000. A gastric bypass in the United States is almost US70,000, while in Singapore the cost is 15,000Read more at location 592
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Singapore's per capita expenditure was just over US2,000 in 2009.Read more at location 597
Figures on government-only expenditure for the world's healthcare systems also show Singapore as the leader in keeping costs under control.Read more at location 605
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Per capita studies reveal that in 2008, the government spent over 600 for care, while the United States spent almost 3,500, the United Kingdom over 2,600, Japan about 2,300.Read more at location 606
Singapore government expenditure as a percentage of total government expenditure was around eightRead more at location 609
Singapore's AdvantagesRead more at location 621
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Along with its excellent system of medical care, Singapore has developed an infrastructure that helps support healthy living and general wellness:Read more at location 621
lack of rural areas, and relatively low number of immigrantsRead more at location 630
Chapter 2: KEY POINTSRead more at location 635
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