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The lack of progress in science: sex differences Razib Kahn

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The lack of progress in science: sex differences
Razib Kahn
Citation (APA): Kahn, R. (2016). The lack of progress in science: sex differences [Kindle Android version]. Retrieved from

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The lack of progress in science: sex differences By Razib Kahn
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Almost all men are stronger than almost all women.
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I pointed out that the Olympic caliber female German fencers were on the lower end of the male distribution.
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What if, in some dystopian swim universe, Ledecky was told that there would be no women’s events and that she would have to try to make the American team by competing with the men in the 1,500?
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I’m a little surprised honestly that the term “dystopian” got in there, because there are now people with academic appointments arguing for the ending of sex segregation in sports.
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Often they are sociologists, who believe all things are socially constructed,
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First, she argued that sex segregation in sport denoted women’s inferiority, and that was a problem. The fact is that when it comes to strength, especially upper body strength, all the data do suggest that women, on average, are markedly inferior to men.
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Dr. Milner explicitly connected race and sex, because it is the mainstream position now that race is a social construct and lacks any biological basis. The facts may not be on Milner’s side, but she has the theory and the “moral arc of history” backing her.
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The reality is that race and sex/ gender are social constructs. The atom is a social construct. Matter and energy are social constructs. Cities are social constructs. Everything is a social construct, as we look through the glass darkly.
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All models are wrong, but there are still superior and inferior models. Their measure is in how they correspond to, and predict, reality. Not how they correspond to our ethical judgements of how the universe should be.
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Many sociologists dissent from this position. They’ve marched into the academy and taken it over.
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I may struggle in vain. Could it be the liberal Whiggish scientific moment in history is over?
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The fact that we’re still discussing sex segregation in sports and how it is unjust illustrates how far we’ve come in the solipsistic and socially constructionist direction.
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Imagine that in the end of days all the mandarins will be sociologists, who come not to bring illumination of the truth, but to determine the nature of the truth for us to agree upon. Perhaps this is the true end of history, as humanity returns to an equilibrium where the bracing aspects of reality are shielded from the masses, which lay indolent in their delusions, while the technocrats and artificial intelligences confront the outside.
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