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1. Rational, Irrational

1. Rational, IrrationalRead more at location 488
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My father’s rationalityRead more at location 489
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I consider myself a very rational man, explaining all randomness with statistical tools and refusing to recognize the existence of the hand of fate and supernatural forces.Read more at location 490
I feel revulsion toward astrologers, readers of coffee grounds, and all sorts of experts adorned with academic degrees, who manipulate their audiences emotionally and whom I suspect of being driven by self-interest.Read more at location 496
Rational versus irrational, mind versus emotion, study versus prayer – for me, all these terms describe the contrast between my father and my mother.Read more at location 499
My adolescent rebellion erupted when I was about fourteen: I wanted to become fervently religious and asked my father to buy me a tallit katan (Jewish undergarment with fringes).Read more at location 517
The rational manRead more at location 526
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In presenting the decision problem as a set of alternatives, it is assumed that the way in which the alternatives are presented to the decision maker does not affect his decision.Read more at location 542
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we presume that the rational man does not take such non-essential factors into consideration and, therefore, these factors are excluded from the description of the decision problem.Read more at location 553
We generally refer to a single individual, but sometimes a decision maker is a group of individuals such as a family, committee or commercial enterprise. On the other hand, there are cases when an individual, let’s call him Moses, is split into two decision makers, Moses 1 is Moses after being slapped by his brother Aaron, and Moses 2 is the Moses who has calmed down the next morning.Read more at location 557
It is possible to think of a decision maker as a machine that receives data about a set of alternatives he must choose from,Read more at location 570
Psychologists and brain science researchers are interested in the structure of the machine that processes the data and reaches a decision.Read more at location 571
detailsRead more at location 573