venerdì 18 marzo 2016

Designer Babies Are Nothing to Fear: A Reply to Dan Klein By bryan caplan

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Designer Babies Are Nothing to Fear: A Reply to Dan Klein By bryan caplan
  • OBIEZIONE: IL PASSATO CI SARÀ ESTRANEO. You could say exactly the same about all the economic growth that happened since 1900. It has undeniably and dramatically "attenuated coherence with the past." I'm tempted to say "So what?,"
  • NON AVREMO SENSO DELLA STORIA. The main thing I learn from history is that the past was awful, and the present far from satisfactory. A future society of designer babies should be more able to appreciate this lesson...In any case, most people currently have almost no sense of "historical coherence,"...
  • CI IPERSPECIALIZZEREMO. We're already grateful for the amazing fruits of specialization that we already enjoy.
  • CALERÀ L EMPATIA TRA LE PERSONE. do you really think parents are going to select against genes for sympathy?...Kindness is one of the main things parents try to instill in their kids.
  • IL GOVERNO SARÀ COUNVOLTO. In Western societies, controlling reproductive choice is widely seen as totalitarian. Who today does not recoil in the face of the Supreme Court's notorious 1927 decision to allow mandatory sterilization?
  • CI SARÀ UN COORDINAMENTO DA RICOSTRUIRE. to be honest, I hope Dan's right. In my view, existing levels of "social coherence" and "connectedness" are dangerously high, the cause of most of man's inhumanity to man
  • RICCHI SEMPRE PIÙ RICCHI. The same goes for any high-cost novelty. Fortunately, the market usually outmaneuvers populist bellyaching long enough to turn novel luxuries into affordable conveniences.