martedì 5 aprile 2016

Fair Play: What Your Child Can Teach You About Economics, Values and the Meaning of Life by Steven E. Landsburg

Ieri sera, nel corso dell'incontro con il dott. Ballerini è stato citato un noto proverbio africano: "per educare un bambino occorre un intero villaggio". Queste "sagge" parole contengono però un lato oscuro e spesso vengono pronunciate per insinuare una contrapposizione tra "famiglia" e "villaggio":

Hillary Clinton believes that it takes a village—and by extension, a great federal bureaucracy—to raise a child. Republicans scoff, emphasizing that it takes not a village but a traditional family—while at the same time criticizing the Clinton administration for doing too little to keep kids off drugs; apparently those Republicans believe that it takes not a village but a police state. In the traditional family as I remember it, drug education was supplied by the parents, not the government. At any rate, I wish they’d all lay off my daughter. Education about risks is one thing; telling kids that there’s a single “right” response to those risks is something different and more sinister.