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Chapter 3 Democracy and Liberalism - leftism erik ritter kuehnelt

Chapter 3 Democracy and LiberalismRead more at location 337
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It is wrong to say, “Mr. Green is very democratic; on his trips he sits down for lunch with his chauffeur.” He is, rather, a friend of simple people, and so is appropriately called demophile, not democratic.Read more at location 339
demophile,Read more at location 341
of simple people, and so is appropriately called demophile, not democratic.Read more at location 341
“Democracy” is a Greek word composed of demos (the people) and krátos (power in a strong, almost brutal sense).Read more at location 341
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Hence “monarchy” is the fatherlike rule of a man in the interest of the common good, whereas “monocracy” is a one-man tyranny.Read more at location 343
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Here it must be remembered that, later on, aristocracy also came to mean not a form of government but the highest social layer. The term republic came to mean every (external) form of government that is non-monarchical and “public.”Read more at location 345
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GOOD FORMS: BAD FORMS: Monarchy, the rule of one man in the interest of the common good. Tyranny, the rule of one man to his own advantage. Aristocracy, the rule of a group in the interest of the common good. Oligarchy, the rule of a group for their own benefit. Republic or Polity, the rule of the better part of the people in the interest of the common good. Democracy, the rule of the worse part of the people for their own benefit.Read more at location 352
One school insists that only direct democracy is real democracy, whereas elected delegates form an oligarchy with a time limit. There exists a so-called “oligarchic school” of this interpretation of democracy and its foremost opponents were Vilfredo Pareto, Gaëtano Mosca and Roberto Michels (an Italianized former German Socialist). All three might conceivably be called fascist sympathizers, but it is probably the intellectual and realistic climate of Italy, so hostile to all forms of illusions, which influenced their critical thinking.Read more at location 361
was partly conditioned by modern administrative methods and technological inventions.15 ChapterRead more at location 501
Note: nazionalismo vs patroottismo... xchè i nazisti sedevano a destra la formula idiota: gli estremi si toccano... solo chi identifica scorrettamente gli estremi può giungere a simili incoerenze collettivismo e progressivismo... certe tribù africane che mettono tutto in comune sono progressisste? destra: libertà xsonale... così come cresce organicamente (tradizione)... nani sulle spalle dei giganti... natura umana: nè bestia né angelo... verità etrrne... diversità sinistra: collettivisti che fanmo leva sull invidia di massa... che vogliono fare piazza pulita del passato (ascolta l internazoonale) in nome del progresso... utopia.. uniformità... odoo x la chiesa vhe crea varietà deturpando il conformismo