giovedì 25 febbraio 2016

Conservative vs. Liberal Jobs By Robin Hanson

Conservative vs. Liberal Jobs By Robin Hanson
  • some jobs that lean conservative: soldier, police, doctor, religious worker, insurance broker.
  • These seem to be jobs where there are rare big bad things that can go wrong,
  • other conservative jobs: grader & sorter, electrical contractor, car dealer, trucker, coal miner, construction worker, gas service station worker, non-professor scientist.
  • Conservatives are more focused on fear of bad things, and protecting against them.
  • some jobs that lean liberal: professor, journalist, artist, musician, author.
  • Here you might see these jobs as having rare but big upsides.
  • But consider these other liberal jobs: psychiatrist, lawyer, teacher.
  • Here the focus may just be on people who talk well. And that can also make sense of many of the previous list of liberal jobs.