mercoledì 3 febbraio 2016

Are abortion views sexist? By Katja Grace

Are abortion views sexist? By Katja Grace
  • Il giudizio sotto accusa: abortire xchè è femmina è sbagliato abortire xchè nn me la sento è coretto
  • obiezione: ma nessuno odia le donne in quanto tali le si evita x motivi pratici.
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  • Premessa 1: Abortion isn’t too bad according to half of Americans
  • Premessa 2: Selective abortion of female fetuses, on the other hand, is horrific according to both ends.
  • Conclusione: This is either hypocritical or extremely sexist.
  • Aborting someone because they are female is wrong. Aborting someone because you don’t want to look after them is compassionate. Ma: Gender specific abortions are common for economic and other pragmatic reasons too, not because people hate females especially.
  • The most feasible explanation for this inconsistency then is sexism in favor of females being