sabato 12 dicembre 2015

Paradosso del mass shooting

Paradosso: calano gli omicidi ma aumentano i mass shooting dei pazzi. Perché?

  • aumenta la disponibilità di armi
  • aumenta la ricerca della fama (grazie ai social)
  • aumentano i genitori senza padri (manca nella famiglia di tutti gli stragisti). I would note that (a) the proportion of young men without fathers has gone up, and (b) I cannot recall any mass shooters who came from households where their father was present.
  • stagnazione dei salari: many breadwinners find themselves under unendurable pressure to maintain the socially expected level of consumption. Under these conditions people, whose psychological problems would be borderline in a gentler economic climate of the fifties, today ‘go postal.’ So the harsher the economic conditions, the greater the numbers of those whose latent psychological problems develop into full-blown psychosis. Una specie di ribellione politica
  • malcom gladwell e l'effetto iperbole: he explains the rise in shootings as a kind of chain effect — each shooting contributes to its normalization as the cultural threshold against it lowers per incident. i find it an interesting theory.